This section is considered as an interface for all insurance companies. It means that the insured will ask the insured to fulfill his obligation to compensate him for the loss and damage caused by the funds insured under the document as a result of an accident covered by the insurance.

The certificate of insurance is valid.

Police report on the incident, including form (8) in the case of injuries to passengers covered by the insurance certificate.

Valid driver's license.

Bills from three different spare part shops.

In the case of a third part causing the accident, a valid car insurance policy is required.

Report of the Engineer approved by the Insurance Supervisory Authority with a valid license.

الحريق :

The insurance policy is valid.

Police Police Report.

Civil Defense Report.

The final report of the settlement expert by company

Workers' injuries :

The insurance policy is valid.

Report of the doctor about the incident.

Report of the Medical Board on the percentage of disability.

The certificate of insurance is valid.

Bill of lading document.

Import invoices.

Expert Survey Report.

Reciprocal letters with the ship 's agent are responsible for the damage and loss to the shipment and their final response.

Delivery order.

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